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Author Topic: Dodge Neon "Hiding" some DTC's?  (Read 4446 times)
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« on: August 22, 2008, 06:43:56 pm »

I recently purchased ScanXL, so bear with me if this has already been covered.  In the process of troubleshooting my '03 Dodge Neon today, I noticed something interesting and I was wondering if someone could enlighten me.

I currently have two DTC's set, P0442 and P0522 (EVAP leak and Oil Press Sensor Low Volt).  They both show up on the odometer when you do the old ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON key trick that seems to work with most Chrysler products.  However, when I read the DTC's out with ScanXL, it only listed one of them (P0442).  When I clear that one, it indeed clears the P0442 and resets the MIL.  However, P0522 doesn't clear and remains in the PCM.

The plot thickens further however.  I actually dumped the communications string directly from the ELM327 pod, and guess what?  The car seems like it's not reporting P0522 to the outside world.  Is this normal?  Do some manufacturers limit functionality to just emissions codes for generic scan tools?

Specifically, here's what I get (minus the header strings):

41 01 00 04 00 00
41 01 81 07 25 04         <-- MIL on, one code stored (not true)
43 04 42 00 00 00 00     <-- There's our friend P0442, but nothing else

I'd like to be able to clear the other code without disconnecting the battery (the loose wire is now fixed).  Thanks for the help/insight.
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« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2008, 11:17:24 pm »

This problem that you describe is not all that surprising. I have seen quite a few vehicles that only report the emissions-based trouble codes to generic scan tools. With these kind of vehicles, you have to have a vehicle specific scan tool that can do enhanced diagnostics to get at the non-emissions trouble codes. Hopefully in the near future we'll have something ready for your vehicle type that supports enhanced diagnostics. Wink
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