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January 19, 2018, 12:31:41 am *
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Author Topic: Can you monitor multiple modules at same time?  (Read 865 times)
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« on: July 15, 2017, 07:31:05 pm »

Just downloaded trial version of PCMSCAN.  In either PCM or ScanXl, can you monitor and log PIDS from multiple on board modules at the same time?  I can't seem to figure out how.  I have the engine module and AEM x series obd afr gauge and can monitor them separatley, but not together.  Is this just a trial limitation? 
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« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 07:04:51 pm »

not sure I understand what your goal / setup is
but will try to answer

I am running Palmer Performance XL + the Ford module

At startup when I first connect I get a drop down box   
      -FORD ABS

I can only monitor one thing at a time from that drop down list.

Usually I select "Ford Powertrain"

Then Under Settings / PID config
you must individually enable each parameter to be able to monitor

but anything on that list can be monitored at the same time.

am using:

(note my checkboxes)

* palmer_login_dropdown.jpg (27.26 KB, 399x232 - viewed 67 times.)

* palmer_PID_list_#1-cropped.jpg (181.79 KB, 675x819 - viewed 67 times.)

* palmer_PID_list_#2-cropped.jpg (216.87 KB, 699x815 - viewed 65 times.)

* palmer_PID_list_#3-cropped.jpg (227.9 KB, 737x831 - viewed 65 times.)
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« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2017, 07:08:17 pm »

Here is my "Dashboard" I've built

* Dashboard_-P1450_p0457_June19-2017.jpg (440.57 KB, 1680x1050 - viewed 74 times.)
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« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2017, 05:10:11 am »

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