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Author Topic: Fillup procedure clarification  (Read 1716 times)
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« on: January 19, 2013, 02:45:11 pm »

Hi, I'm a new user to DashCommand and trying to get everything working. The other day I did my first fillup procedure and did an 80 mile drive. The next day I went to do the 80 mile drive back and all I got was INF on the MPG guages. I searched high and low, read the manual (very basic and vague) and ended up deleting my vehicle and creating a new one. Still don't know why that happened or if it will happen again.

Main question - Once starting the fillup does it matter which tab I am in? I just filled and took a 10 mile drive. Up through mile 8.0 the app and the car trip were in agreement (8.0 on both). I changed pages for the last 2 miles and when I parked it just says 8.0 on the Trip summary page and "Trip "Since last fillup" selected, but I show 10.0 on my car. Do I HAVE to stay on that trip page or can I view my speed and engine pages as well?

It remains connected the entire time but mileage goes from accurate to completely off. I'm having a hard time getting my "first" actual fillup procedure to finish out.



Update: Just went to drive and all Trip "Since Last Fillup" reads is zero but I did not reset anything or even go to the fillup page. I wish when you clicked the Check box on the fillup page it would acknowledge that you clicked it and not just cycle you to the trip page..
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