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December 12, 2017, 08:36:25 am *
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Author Topic: Dashlogic configuration for Chevy Camaro ZL1/metric  (Read 291 times)
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« on: March 19, 2017, 02:52:21 pm »

In the hope you enjoy this: if you have a Dashlogic unit, you may wonder how best to set it up. Well, here's MY setup. This is my nr. 1 (I track different things on set 2, and I left set 3 unchanged).

I used a certain logic in the way I grouped the parameters:

Page 1: Temperatures
Page 2: System Health
Page 3: System Health (2)
Page 4: Fuel
Page 5: Performance
Page 6: Ops
Page 7: Maneuvering
Page 8: Miscellaneous

The RADIO display also tells us that (what page, and what is that page for).

I set up a couple of alarms and a calculated PID as well.

Note that this is for a ZL1 and it's all metric.

Here's the code. Put that in a text file and call it something.xml and Import it and you're all set!


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<dashlogic_configuration_data version="1">
    <hud revision="1">
        <page_definition page_number="1">Amb/Int {30: 3.0} {1020: 3.0}C
Coolant {2: 3.0}C</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="2">MAP {8: 5.1} kPa
MAF {16: 5.1} g/s</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="3">Tq {30005:03.0}/{1014:03.0} lb/%
Tq Retard {1018:03.0}%</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="4">Fuel: {30003:03.0} l/h
Press {2503:03.0} kPa</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="5">Boost {30001: 4.0} kPa
Power {30004: 4.0} HP</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="6">Yaw {3023: 5.0} deg/s
Lat.Acc {3019: 5.1} g</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="7">Throt {1022:03.0} {1023:03.0}%
Clutc {1032:03.0}%</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="8">Batt {10101}V
EVAP {28:03.0}%</page_definition>
    <dic revision="1">
        <page_definition page_number="1">Pres {1002}kPa
Temp {1004: 3.0}C</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="2">S.T. Fuel Trim:
{4: 4.0}% {6: 4.0}%</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="3">Misfires: {1007}
Knock Ret {1001: 4.0}%</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="4">Tank {23: 3.0}%
{30023: 5.1} l/100km</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="5">Trq {1015: 3.0} lbft
RPM {10: 4.0}</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="6">Steer {3024}
Gear: {30025}</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="7">{3009:03.0} km/h {3011:03.0}
{3013:03.0} km/h {3015:03.0}</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="8">O2&lt;Cat {19:06.1}
O2&gt;Cat {21:06.1}</page_definition>
    <radio revision="1">
        <page_definition page_number="1">[1-Temps] {30}C</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="2">[2-Health] Gear: {30025}</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="3">[3-Health] Timing: {13:03.0} deg</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="4">[4-Fuel] Fuel Alc {27}%</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="5">[5-Perf.:] {11: 3.0} km/h</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="6">[6-Ops] Barom. {20000:05.1} hPa</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="7">[7-Manoeuvring] {11: 3.0} km/h</page_definition>
        <page_definition page_number="8">[8-Misc] Lambda Cmd {29}</page_definition>
    <alarms revision="1">
        <alarm alarm_number="0">
            <display_text>*** RPM Limit! ***</display_text>
            <condition_expression>(pid(10) &gt;= 5500)</condition_expression>
        <alarm alarm_number="1">
            <display_text>Speed {11:03.0}</display_text>
            <condition_expression>(pid(11) &gt;= 120)</condition_expression>
    <user_calc_pids revision="1">
        <user_calc_pid pid_number="0">
            <name>Barometer in hPa</name>
            <calculation_expression>(pid(24) * 10)</calculation_expression>
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