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DashLogic ScanXL ScanXL Pro ScanXL Std DashCommand PCMSCAN Supported Vehicles OBD-II Hardware

Available for vehicles with a Driver Information Center (DIC), DashLogic frees you from gauge clutter. See any gauge data on your DIC instead of installing a gauge.

Need to see your Air fuel ratio? Knock? 0-60? 1/4 mile? Transmission or intake temps? Customize it and watch it as you drive.

DashLogic doesn't stop there, you can also customize alerts for vehicle trouble. Engine knocking? Coolant running too hot? Set up an alert and DashLogic will let you know. Audible and visual alerts are available.

No installation necessary. Plug the device under your steering wheel. That's it. No screwdriver required. And no smart phone or extra hardware.

When you are done, pull out the device. Your factory settings are still there, and the DashLogic changes are gone from the vehicle, saved in the device.

DashLogic also has two 0-5 volt analog inputs so you can add up to two aftermarket sensors.

Want to see DashLogic in action? Check out our YouTube clip.

The DashLogic Configuration Utility requires a computer running Windows. This is required to customize DashLogic.

Buy It Now!        Download the DashLogic Configuration Utility for Windows.

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